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The legends of Toledo in English

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Now, you can access to our website from a new domain: www.legendsoftoledo.com. The most special information about the Imperial City of Toledo, now in English.

Welcome to Toledo, In this Website you will find all the information that the traditional tourist supplies do not show: the city of Toledo from its legend, their history, curiosities…

We offer the most hidden Toledo to you. We discover in our texts the mysteries that during centuries the Imperial City are accumulated:

  • Legends
  • Historical anecdotes and curiosities.
  • History.
  • The News in the city.
  • Monuments.
  • Famous people.
  • Hidden and mysterious Toledo.
  • Magical Toledo.
  • Nocturnal Routes and Tours.
  • Panoramics and videos.
  • Multitude of unique photographies.
  • Hotels and lodging in Toledo. Inns.
  • Books about the city
  • Toledo of the witches, the witchcraft and the magicians.
  • Mysticism, mythology, religions…
  • Toledo of the three cultures.

And much more information, at the moment a great part in spanish, although exists the possibility of using services of simultaneous translation like offered by Google, doing the click in the following link: Google translation service.

Or here:

Thanks for your visit and return soon. Happy stay in our city.

Would you like to help us to translate our legends? Please, contact me.

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Juan Luis Alonso
Juan Luis Alonsohttps://www.leyendasdetoledo.com
Editor y creador de "Leyendas de Toledo". Académico correspondiente de la Real Academia de Bellas Artes y Ciencias Históricas de Toledo. Socio de la empresa Rutas de Toledo y Guía Oficial de Turismo de Castilla-La Mancha.

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